Shipping Software for Companies of Any Size

ShippersEdge is shipping management and logistics software for LTL and Truckload shipping with scalability from a single user to large enterprises. It is an affordable, hosted TMS shipping software with all the functionality most companies will need. It can transform the way you manage your logistics by supporting all departments, because it is multi carrier shipping software it will quickly determine the low cost carrier, reducing shipping costs by as much as 20% and cutting work-time by more than half. Features include:

1.  Instant access to rates, shipment tracking, and shipping charges

2.  Improved routing proficiency to save time and money

3.  Processes that streamline tasks to save you time

4.  End-To-End visibility and reporting to support all departments

5.  Full integration with other software and carriers


ShippersEdge TMS Shipping Software Features

Supply Chain Visibility

ShippersEdge gives visibility to your supply chain. Automatic alerting can be enabled on any shipment. We can even track your imports while they are on the water. For more on Supply Chain Visibility

Shipment Rating & Quote Management

An incredibly powerful rate quote generator lets you do compare carrier rates and transit times and saves them for future reference. Works with virtually all parcel, LTL and truckload carriers, including FedEx, UPS, YRC, XPO, ABF, Old Dominion, Estes and scores of regional carriers, also works for rail. ShippersEdge TMS shipping software connects with them.

Shipment Routing & Tendering

Create a shipping document, such as Bills of Lading and labels, compare carrier rates, transit times, and arrange a pickup in less than 20 seconds. Our TMS software can be integrated with other business software or be used as standalone shipping software.

Truckload Routing & Tendering

Retrieve and compare truckload carrier rates and arrange a pickup in seconds. Route multi-stop truckloads with our built in optimizer. The optimizer also works with private fleet and dedicated shipping.

Spot Market Rates and Shipment Tracking

ShippersEdge has a powerful module to manage spot market freight bids, tendering and tracking. Using email and spreadsheets to manage the spot market is crazy and time consuming. Now you can manage all of your spot market shipping from one location and provide full visibility and accountability.

Shipment Tracking & Management

Keep track of and manage all your shipping activity from a single location. Shipment tracking information is automatically passed from the carrier to this powerful, shipping software. With our included unlimited users, easily allow customer service, sales and accounting to see what is happening in the shipping department. We can even supply tracking information to your customer.

Freight Bill Audit & Management

Your shipping department & accounts payable department will save time and eliminate problems using this shipping software to audit freight bills and coordinate payables.  See more on Freight Auditing here

Accurate Freight Accruals

ShippersEdge has the tools you need to provide accurate freight accruals for your accounting department. Take the guesswork out of accruals and the time consuming manual efforts. See more on providing accurate freight accruals here:

Multi Location Management

ShippersEdge shipping software allows you to provide each location with a platform to manage all their shipping, while providing greater coordination and control.


A powerful, yet easy-to-use report generator allows you to get the data you want, when you need it, and export it to Excel or your ERP.


ShippersEdge can be used as used as a stand-alone shipping software application or it can function as a full-fledged TMS Software, and be integrated with virtually any ERP, order management, warehouse management software. This includes large scale systems such as Oracle, MAS, Ross, and SAP, as well as popular small company business systems like QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics.

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