What is the typical cost savings of implementing a TMS?

Quick Comparison TMS No TMS
Mode Selection Accurate Eyeball or Tedious
LTL Rate Comparison Quick Tedious
LTL Variance Report Automated Manual
LTL Cost Change Notification Real-Time When invoice arrives
LTL Tracing One place Multiple websites
LTL Tendering Electronic Phone or email
LTL Transit Reports Automatic Manual and Tedious
Notification of Reweighs Real time When invoice arrives
TL Quote Comparison On one page Email & Spreadsheets
TL Tendering Automated By email
TL Tracing Automated By Request
Freight Bill Auditing Automated Manual or Service
Freight Accrual Report Automated Manual and Tedious
Invoice Receipt Electronic Probably Paper
Document Storage Electronic File Cabinet
Customer Notification Automatic Manual


Step into the 21st century

If you don’t have a transportation management system, you’ve been using decades old technology to manage your shipping. ShippersEdge TMS can add process streamlining and potential freight savings to your logistics department. Even if you’re doing a good job in sourcing your transportation, having a quick and easy method of managing your transportation increases your network optimization. Step into the 21st century.

Visibility into the inner workings of your supply chain

Having visibility into the inner workings of your supply chain can pay instant benefits. Little things like transit time monitoring or real-time, in one place, shipment tracking available to all departments can save time in the logistics department allowing you to do more of what you do best. Automate things, even your reporting. Accounting want a variance report? Done in a few clicks. Sales want shipping estimates, they can get it themselves if you like. Customer Service need tracing? Easy.

Once the exclusive luxury of large enterprises

Having a TMS was once the exclusive luxury of large enterprises. New mid-tier TMS technology has made a TMS within the reach of almost any company. TMS technology has been shown to decrease transportation costs in the 6%-8% range in most applications and this was with extremely large operations with highly sophisticated logistics management departments. The soft cost savings in personnel time and reduced training times is extraordinary. If you’re used to a TMS that looks like a spreadsheet on crack cocaine you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy TMS technology can be implemented.

Make reporting faster, analysis quicker

Having a TMS will make reporting faster, analysis quicker and effecting money saving change faster. ShippersEdge TMS is surprisingly affordable. Call or write ShippersEdge TMS today for a free analysis. 952-777-4421 or