ShippersEdge Affordable Shipping Software is a Breakthrough in the Pricing vs. Functionality Dilemma

Get all the functionality of a full fledged TMS systems, at a fraction of the cost. ShippersEdge is the most affordable shipping software available.

• As low as $199.00 per month for Professional Edition

• As low as $499.00 per month for Enterprise Edition

• Multi Carrier Freight Rate Comparison on all modes

• Integrate Your Transportation Management System with your other Software

• Fast Return on Investment

Can a TMS replace your 3rd Party Logistics [3PL] provider? Yes

Get ShippersEdge TMS and use software to replace your third party logistics provider.  If you presently engage an outside firm to manage your transportation, consider for a moment why. When you signed up, they had software; expensive shipping management software. If it was long ago, they may have had rates that were better than yours. Things have changed.

Today a TMS can be highly affordable as is the integration to your back-office systems. Small, stand-alone Transportation Management Systems can be had for but a few hundred dollars a month and our Enterprise versions start at about $500.00 a month and goes up from there depending on shipment counts.

As far as LTL freight rates, carriers have moved away from blanket discounts and into shipper specific pricing. You may not have noticed the change but your 3PL now knows you can take your rates with you. Consider the pricing above against a typical 7% and sometimes up to 20% is the typical 3PL management fee and you do the math and then contact us.

Why wait? Functionality and real world freight savings are easier than ever to acquire and use. ShippersEdge has has decades of refinement to make training and usage easy. Take advantage of the low cost of acquisition and modern technology to manage your logistics. It’s time to move from sticky notes, email and spreadsheets to manage your transportation. Contact ShippersEdge at 952-777-4421 or on the web at