Feature and benefits

Features and benefits packed into easy-to-use, ShippersEdge shipping software provides a big ROI from freight and personnel time savings. There are also other benefits further enhance your ROI.

Freight & Parcel Rate Quoting & Easy Comparisons

With ShippersEdge shipping software you can quickly compare the freight costs and transit times of all your Parcel, LTL, truckload and expedited carriers. You can view details, forward those details to others, or save them for future reference or updating. Flexible business rules can be setup to control which carriers are available under various criteria such as lane, product type or shipment size.


Shipment Tracking, Visibility & Reports

Use ShippersEdge shipping software to track any shipment with any carrier. Just enter your sales order or other control number to get your shipment information. We can also send tracking links via email to your customer or any other recipient. ShippersEdge provides end-to-end visibility and lets you monitor your orders, and it will automatically flag problem shipments. You can even drill down into an order, write notes and assign shipments to others for handling or review. An easy-to-use report generator lets you create custom reports and export them quickly into Excel. Save a template of popular reports. Reporting can also be automated if desired.


Shipment Routing & Tendering

ShippersEdge freight software speeds up your shipment routing and tendering process. Reduce freight costs as much as 20% by making better routing decisions and more options. With ShippersEdge shipping software you can do advance planning or manage as you go. And it’s fast. You can enter an order, compare all options & choose the best carrier, create a bill of lading & labels, and notify your carrier to pickup … all in less than one minute. Order consolidation and multi-stop route building gives you further opportunities to save money.


Freight Bill Audit & Management

Your CFO will love ShippersEdge shipping software because it makes managing freight invoices easier, faster and more accurate. Freight bills can be automatically matched to the proper PO, SO or TO. Invoices can be quickly audited for errors and additional charges, etc. Accelerate your billing on Prepaid & Add sales by using accurate estimates generated, or get actual charges for most shipments the following morning.

Shipping Software Freight Bill auditing. Freight Bill Auditing,

Inbound & Drop Shipment Management

ShippersEdge Inbound and Drop Shipment Management

Using ShippersEdge shipping software to manage your inbound and drop shipments is superior to routing guides, or letting your vendors choose the carrier. You can now preselect the best carrier for each shipment & note the routing on the PO, or have them call you when the order is ready for shipping. You gain total control and have complete visibility of your product or material from PU to delivery, to save money and control material flow. And Shippers Edge is ideal for managing returns.


ShippersEdge is a single platform that enables end to end processes between departments.

For most companies the logistics process involves a series of department-to-department handoffs. For example your company’s process may begin with Sales needing freight cost estimates, and end with Accounts Payable paying the invoice. ShippersEdge provides a single platform for everyone, giving each department the tools and information they need for their part of the process and pass on to others. An easy to use report generator lets you create custom reports for analysis, and can be easily exported to Excel.

Manage Multiple Locations

Manage multiple locations and warehouses with ShippersEdge

If your company has branch locations or warehouses ShippersEdge shipping software is the ideal logistics platform for your company. It’s ease of use makes it easily adoptable, while powerful features such as privledge control and routing rules can be applied company wide, or to specific locations. You can even monitor activity at each location and step in at any time to help them on shipments.


Inegrate your current workflows into ShippersEdge

ShippersEdge freight software was designed to work as as a stand alone system, or to be integrated with your other software. Whether it be with your Warehouse Management, Order Management or Accounting system, integration can be done easily thanks architecture specifically designed to facilitate this process.  ShippersEdge integrates well with large systems such as Oracle, SAP, Ross, Infor, Navision and Microsoft Dynamics as well as small systems like QuickBooks. Or if you prefer use the flat file data import/export functionality to exchange data.

Cloud Application

ShippersEdge is a world-class cloud bases SaaS application

ShippersEdge freight software is real world-class shipping software minus the servers. Sometimes referred to as a Cloud Application, SaaS, or a Hosted Application, it’s functionality, speed and security are on par with any server based application. However it’s affordability and flexibility are superior. ShippersEdge freight software requires no significant up front cost or long term commitment, and setup is fast and easy. All software and data is hosted at a very secure Tier 3 Data Center with full redundancy and 24x7x365 monitoring. Annual uptime is 99%+.

Freight Software at its best

For companies that are looking to manage their freight shipping, ShippersEdge TMS is freight software at its best. It will reduce your freight costs by allowing you to compare rates of your LTL and truckload carriers. In addition, it will allow you to manage the end to end shipment management process, carrier contracts, and freight claims. Performance reports are also and integral feature of ShippersEdge TMS.

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