ShippersEdge Affordable Shipping Software is a Breakthrough in the Pricing vs Functionality Dilemma

Get all the functionality of a full fledged TMS system. ShippersEdge is the most advanced affordable shipping software available.

• As low as $199.00 per month for Professional Edition

• As low as $499.00 per month for Enterprise Edition

• No per user fee or seat licenses

• Complete Integrated Transportation Management System Enterprise Edition

• ROI on just a few shipments

• Customization and speciality applications are available

Today a TMS can be highly affordable as is the integration to your back-office systems. Small, stand-alone Transportation Management Systems can be had for but a couple hundred dollars a month and our Enterprise Edition starts at less than $500.00 a month depending on shipment counts. Basic bilateral integrations start in the low five figures.

Mid-tier TMS software offers an outstanding ROI.  Automatic customer tracking emails provide exceptional customer engagement and save customer service work and enhance your reputation.

Streamline workflow and cut time in managing your transportation. Ensure compliance with company policy in carrier selection. Adopt and enforce best practices shipping procedures.

Eliminate customer chargebacks from violation of specific routing instructions. Location based routing is a feature of our powerful address book.

Multi department access

Allow multi department access and collaboration. Reduce costs of interdepartmental transportation informational requests. Give sales easy access to shipping costs. Customer service can have access to shipment processing and tracking. Accounting can have instant access to cost variances and transportation accruals.

ShippersEdge can also alert you to shipments where you should get a spot market price and it assists you in getting a spot market bid. The savings in spot market freight rates can easily pay for a TMS and more. It’s time to take a new approach to your logistics and join the 21 century in technology.

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